Sunday, August 23, 2009

Clapotis Completed

I've been working on this scarf/shawl on and off since April. "Clapotis" was so much fun to knit! I really enjoyed the process...especially the dropped stitches. I also love the colors in the yarn. I used almost two skeins of hand-dyed Ranco Multy (color 301) by Araucania Yarns. I knitted it for someone special to give to them on their birthday, but as often happens, I wasn't finished in time. So now, I've decided to take it with me to Europe, take some pictures of it modeled while I'm sight seeing, and then send it to the someone special in California. It'll be a handmade gift with a story then. You can find the pattern by Kate Gilbert at
We leave for Europe the day after tomorrow and will land in Zurich on Wednesday. I think I'm ready to go...except for the actual packing, which I'll do tomorrow. I'm still not very confident with the foreign languages, but I know a little...hopefully enough to get by. We have a travel guide book and a phrase book covering German and French. The hardest part now will be leaving the kiddos. I will miss them very much. Can you see why? LOL

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  1. How big are those cute kiddos of yours!!! And your model for the shawl/scarf is lovely too! : ) I'm so excited for you as you go to Europe. I'd tell you to enjoy every moment, but, then, that's a given. Love you, Anna